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With wall-to-wall patterned fabrics and pretty silk ribbons Ray Stitch has everything you need for a proper girlie day out... 

Actually let’s rephrase that, shop owner Rachel Hart tells me that there are an increasing number of guys frequenting the shop who are keen to make dresses for their girlfriends and clothes for their kids, so lets say its a proper day out for anyone wanting to be creative with a needle and thread.

If you don’t know one end of a needle from the other no need to worry, there is a beginners class designed to take the fear out of thinking you are going to sew your finger to the table! You learn all the basics from how to wind on a bobbin, thread up the machine and make straight seams to how to mark up and cut out your fabric using a simple paper pattern. You’ll leave with something you made all on your own.

Ray Stitch

If you are little more advanced what would be fun is to round up a few mates and have a go at the “recreate your favourite garment’ workshop. I’ve been known to buy the same pair of French connection trousers (in the same colour) because they fit so well and I know I’m not going to find another pair just like it when the original ones get old. And sometimes when you find an item of clothing that you love that fits you just right and makes you feel a million dollars its hard sometimes to decide what colour to buy, so recreating it in as many different colours and materials as you like is now an option...JOY!

Ray Stitch


With guidance from an experienced pattern cutter you will learn how to ‘trace off ‘ your favourite garment and create the pattern pieces to make it over and over again.

Better still if you’ve been coveting something your friend owns or your sister’s tired of you borrowing her favourite dress, then borrow it one last time and recreate it so you never have to borrow it again.

Ray Stitch provides all the bits and bobs you need for the task at hand just don't forget to bring the item you want to copy otherwise you might have to copy what you are already wearing that day and sitting around in your undergarments is little bit overfamiliar on your first workshop. Its important to remember what you’ll leave with is a paper pattern and not the finished article. The good thing is when you book a class with Ray Stitch that entitles you to a 10% discount off fabric in the Ray Stitch shop so if you see anything on the day that you fancy using to make your dress then its a good time to buy.

Complimentary drinks and snacks are provided but if you are feeling to celebrate your new found skills after class why not pop round the corner to

69 Colebrooke Row for a round of martinis. Just be careful not to spill it all over your paper patterns.

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