ARIA - Interior Destination Shopping Trip

What's your interior style: modern, eclectic, vintage, antique, classic, ethnic, all of the aforementioned or something in between?

One thing is for sure if you’re looking for beautiful things to fill your home then N1 is definitely the place to be. Just on the small stretch of Upper Street between Canonbury Square Gardens and Florence Street alone you will find The Only Place for Pictures, Custom Made Furniture, Folklore and Twenty Twenty One. But make sure you don’t miss out on what’s lurking just around the corner on Barnsbury Street because it will have you singing a joyful *Aria all the way home.

The Only Place for Pictures 

Aria stocks an extensive range of contemporary home furnishings, lifestyle accessories alongside carefully hand-selected vintage pieces like the rather regal Rajasthan marionettes that TST LOVES. 

Aria Dragonfly Cushion

Dragon fly cushions at Aria

Not only will you be tempted by bubble gum lighting, designer armchairs, dragon fly cushions, lime green toasters and metallic satchels but you’ll come away inspired by what they’ve done with the old Barnsbury Music Hall: once a Victorian photographer’s studio, also frequented by various religious groups and even used as a boxing venue, it has a fascinating history all of its own.


Aria is a destination shopping trip all by itself, especially ‘After Hours’ where every few months you may find Aria transformed into a variety of things including restaurant, a music venue, a theater, lounge or exhibition space. TST is particularly excited by Supper Club at Barnsbury Hall, a sublime evening that starts with a relaxed drinks reception in the lounge area and a carefully curated design preview, with a sumptuous dinner to follow. Specially designed around the timeless tableware settings Aria has to offer, you might even be lucky enough to leave with a goody bag that includes a treat from said tableware.

Supper Club at Barnsbury Hall

Tickets are around £45 per head and as you can imagine they go like hot bread so make sure you book early. Subscribe to our TST newsletter right here and we’ll keep you posted on the dates so we can clink glasses at the next one.


*Aria - a long accompanied song for a solo voice, typically one in an opera or oratorio.


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